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Health & Safety

Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Rameda is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, visitors and contractors. The Group’s proactive Health and Safety Management system meets the highest standards in occupational safety and health by outlining clear requirements for the policies, specifications and programs to guide its operations, from  working with biological and chemical materials to the operation of laboratory equipment and safe warehousing practices. Our Health and Safety Management system is routinely reviewed and updated to ensure continuous improvement and innovation while adhering to the latest legislation and the We promote health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace and constantly strive to equip our people with the right skills and knowledge to perform their roles through actively engaging its staff in activities and training seminars aimed at cultivating a Group-wide culture of safety.

More recently, the Group has given more focus to risk management reporting through the identification of all possible sources of risk and the implementation of a dedicated strategy to tackle them and minimise their potential impact. As such, Rameda has been granted the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification in recognition of its diligent efforts to preserve the hygiene and safety of all our employees across our production plants, labs, warehousing, workshop and dispatch areas. Rameda’s continuous improvement in health and safety protocols is reflected through a steadily improving first-class safety record; new stringent control measures implemented in 2020 saw the Group’s Total Injury Frequency Rate fall to 0.0 per million hours worked from 12.0 per million hours worked in 2019. Health and Safety issues are a standing item on the Board’s agenda and the Group is committed to meet both the letter and spirit of all health and safety regulation and best practice by maintaining our facilities and equipment to the highest standards and the provision of specific and detailed training for our people.

Promoting Wellness and Togetherness

As a healthcare company, we believe that a balanced lifestyle can significantly impact the well-being of our people. Rameda is dedicated to helping its employees to successfully integrate their careers and private lives, with a growing collaboration between our executive management team and employees to identify the ways in which we can help our people balance life priorities and improve workplace flexibility. We have begun taking the necessary steps to ensure that this is promoted within all levels of the organization through a combination of empowering employees to maintain a stable work-life balance, creating part-time positions and increasing support for remote-work, where possible. Our leaders are responsible for pushing our strategy ahead by building up the right competences, thereby fostering innovation.

We also hold regular sporting events such as football and ping pong tournaments, and a 10-kilometer marathon designed to promote a culture of wellness for our employees and their families. The company is introducing subsidized gym memberships in 2020 to further empower our employees to take charge of their personal well-being and drive home the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

We have hosted a number of recreational trips to coastal cities across Egypt, alongside team building exercises, for our employees and their loved ones. We look forward to adding new mega events, such as concerts and galas, that can strengthen bonds on a corporate, family and personal level.