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Sustainability Overview

Meeting the Needs of our Stakeholders

At Rameda, we are well aware that our business activities have a direct impact on the lives and interests of our community. In order to keep serving our patients and our community in the best way possible, we are growing in a manner that respects the environment, encourages social progress and contributes to long-term economic sustainability.

We believe our business grows stronger as we systematically engage and foster relationships with our key internal and external stakeholders in social, environmental and governance matters through a wide range of communication tools. This ongoing dialog provides the underpinning for our responsible business practices.

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Key Sustainability Objectives

Deal ethically and equitably

Provide access to affordable quality medicine

Attract & retain the best talent

Ensure health & safety

Minimise environmental degradation

Support gender equality

Our Patients are at the Core of What We Do


The health and wellbeing of our patients are at the center of everything we do, and our work is focused on bringing innovative medicines that deliver value to our patients by staying attuned to society’s unmet needs and ultimately broadening the region’s access to essential, high-quality affordable medicines and related products.

Our strategy, which is centered around our mission to improve access to medicine, dictates that we continuously work to strengthen and adapt our business model to benefit the patients we serve today as well as those we envision helping in the future. In doing so, Rameda is fully compliant with laws, regulations and fair business practices applicable to the markets in which the Group conducts its business activities.

Quality Control

As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products that treat patients with a variety of conditions, product quality and patient safety are our highest priorities. We build quality into all that we do and Rameda’s proactive quality assurance system meets the highest standards in product safety by outlining clear requirements for the policies, specifications and programs to guide the Group’s operations. We employ a dedicated quality assurance team who follow rigid guidelines throughout the product life cycle, from the inspection and quarantine of APIs and other raw materials to the quarantine, warehousing and distribution of the finished product. We are continually refining our production processes, equipment and training to ensure the delivery of safe quality pharmaceuticals to our patients.

Our manufacturing facilities have an established Quality Management System, designed to ensure that our products are manufactured to a high standard and in compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements and that Rameda’s procedures comply with guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Rameda is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified by the International Organization for Standardization in recognition of its diligent efforts to enhance its product quality and preserve its facility’s hygiene. All pharma products produced at our GMP-compliant facility are manufactured and controlled in accordance with the guidelines set out by the WHO, while the integrity and security of our products are protected by our compliance with Good Distributing Practices (GDP).

We dedicate significant time and resources toward educating colleagues throughout Rameda on our approach to quality culture, which is fundamental to the mindset of employees, and where decisions are taken with the best interest of the patient in mind. We ensure that we are in compliance with governing laws and international standards.

Internal & External Audits

Risk assessment is central to our approach to ensuring quality in our facility. We promote regular self-inspection of our manufacturing site and conduct annual internal audits. We drive appropriate quality management action by tracking quality issues, analyzing metrics to identify trends, issues and risks, examining key performance indicators and providing clear and accurate data analysis.


As an Egyptian-based pharmaceutical manufacturer, our production cycle is tightly regulated by the MOH and subject to periodical audits in addition to the inspection and approval of raw materials and finished products.

Export Markets

We are also subject to audits from foreign ministries of health in order to open into and maintain our export markets. We have passed audits to export in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Palestine, Niger, Uganda and South Sudan.

Third-Party Multinationals

We passed several annual key production audits which were conducted by our roster of multinational third-party clients, such as Sanofi, seeking to purchase toll manufacturing services from the Group's extra capacity