Our Strategy
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Our Strategy

Our strategy focuses on leveraging our existing strengths and position within the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry to grow sustainably while continuing to provide high-quality, innovative products to our clients in Egypt and across the wider MENA and Africa regions.

Provide high-quality products at affordable prices

We bring patients the latest products available on the international pharmaceutical scene at affordable prices by actively registering, acquiring and launching new molecules and related products and benefitting from the first-mover advantage.

Penetrate large and fast-growing therapeutic areas

We leverage our existing presence to expand into large and fast-growing therapeutic areas. We focus on medication that addresses chronic/lifestyle diseases due to the high prevalence in Egypt of diabetes, hypertension and obesity, which is growing at rapid rates.

Diversify product offering

We strive to diversify our product range by entering the markets for nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and food supplements while simultaneously shifting our portfolio towards products which treat and manage chronic conditions and lifestyle diseases.

Develop partnerships

We develop strong, lasting partnerships with physicians and pharmacies around the country by offering our products at attractive price points and reinvest the proceeds to enhance our marketing efforts and strengthen brand awareness.

Expand regionally

We aim to grow our regional footprint to penetrate new, high-potential markets across the MENA and Africa regions.

Invest in our people

We invest in our people’s professional development by constantly providing them with the opportunities and training they need to advance their careers and continuously strive to become the employer of choice.

Build trust with society

We build trust with society by operating with high values and integrity, and support the local communities by providing access to affordable, high-quality products.