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Our Business Lines

Delivering High-Quality Generics

Rameda is a modern pharmaceutical company combining world-class standards with local insights and a tailored approach to delivering a wide range of high-quality, generic products. Placing patients’ well-being at the core of its operations, Rameda strives to help patients manage their health through its expanding portfolio of medicines across therapeutic areas. Through its strong portfolio, and marketed to physicians by Rameda’s highly skilled marketing representatives, Rameda has become among the top companies in Egypt with significant growth potential.

Private Sales

Largely prescription-based sales to domestic distributors who distribute to pharmacies throughout Egypt with the engagement of physicians to create demand in parallel with merchandising with pharmacists to distribute over-the-counter products.

Tender Sales

Domestic institutional sales of products in bulk to hospitals or through tender processes either directly to government-owned institutions or indirectly to these institutions through distributors.

Toll Manufacturing

Rameda monetizes spare production capacity through selective toll manufacturing arrangements with a client base, including well-known regional and international pharmaceutical companies such as Hikma and Sanofi.


Rameda works closely with a network of export agents to expend sales across the wider MENA and Africa regions with 73% of total 2020 exports sold in Iraq, 15% in Yemen, 8% in Libya, with the remainder sold in other markets including Libya, Palestine, South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and UAE.

Key Toll Manufacturing Clients