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Our Strengths

The Trusted Partner for Physicians, Pharmacies and Patients

Rameda’s success over the years has been built on a unique set of strengths which have allowed the company to grow and prosper in the increasingly competitive Egyptian pharmaceutical industry, becoming the trusted partner of physicians, pharmacies and patients nation-wide.

Strong home-market demographics

We primarily operate in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market which, supported by a solid demographic profile, is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical markets in the MENA region and is characterized by an increasing prevalence of chronic and lifestyle diseases.

Market-leading product portfolio

Our existing portfolio encompasses a wide variety of market-leading products across key and high growth therapeutic areas in the generally under penetrated Egyptian pharmaceutical industry. The company is continually looking to expand its portfolio to address market demand.

Ability to identify, acquire and register new molecules

We have a proven ability to identify, acquire and register new molecules in a manner that is both timely and efficient. The acquisition of these new molecules has played a central role in driving our growth over the years.

Successful track record of new product launches

Since 2012, we have also established a successful track record of new product launches across a variety of therapeutic areas, with 37 new product launches between 2016 and 2019.

State-of-the-art facilities

We have recently fully renovated our production facility which now features three independent factories with a total of 20 production lines all located in the Sixth of October Industrial Zone, all fully compliant with current GMP requirements.

Experienced management team

We are led by a strong and cohesive management team with extensive multinational experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including with the major international pharmaceutical companies in both Egypt and abroad.