Therapeutic Areas
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Therapeutic Areas

Rameda Pharmaceuticals primary mission is to provide the highest quality pharmaceutical products to help consumers effectively address health challenges and lead quality lives. Over the past 7 years, Rameda has built a strong and diversified portfolio, growing its number of registered molecules by 83.6% from 61 in 2011 to 112 in 2017 addressing 11 therapeutic areas, including anti-biotics, cardiovascular diseases and gastro-intestinal tract disorders among others.

Rameda Pharmaceuticals maintains a leading market position in three strategic therapeutic areas where the company holds a portfolio of best-selling products. In addition to Rameda’s strong position in its key therapeutic areas, the company also covers a further eight areas with a portfolio of fast-growing products and where Rameda continues to consolidate its market share.

Key Therapeutic Areas

Rameda continues to build an attractive portfolio across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Currently, its best-selling products are within the systemic anti-infectives, alimentary tract and metabolism, and genito-urinary system and sex hormones therapeutic areas. Rameda is emerging in the cardiovascular, nervous system, and blood and blood forming organ therapeutic areas.  It has recently diversified into food supplements arena.

Systemic Anti-Infectives
  • Rametax
  • Ramceftrax
  • Pimfast
Alimentary Tract & Metabolism
  • Colona
  • Protofix
  • Magsilon
  • Navestron
  • Oliptina (Anti-Diabetic)
Genito-Urinary System & Sex Hormones / Others
  • Joypox
  • Vetoyagra
  • Marvigoline
Cardiovascular System
  • Magnetrel
  • X-Tension & X-Tension Plus
  • Tribatens
Nervous System
  • Prismaven
  • No-Dep
Blood & Blood Forming Organs
  • Aggrex
  • Lintaram
  • Tazox
Weight Management
  • Sylovina

Over the next four years, Rameda is on track to acquire and launch new products and product lines, targeting nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals, the two fastest-growing markets for therapeutic products. The nutraceutical market, which includes vitamins, minerals and supplements, is poised to top USD 60 billion by 2020. Between 2018 and 2022, Rameda’s pipeline will bring 261 new products online.

Expansion into new export markets is underway, with more than 100 products currently in registration across 12 new African markets. Rameda is also exploring acquisition opportunities in the local market and in countries across the region.